Wednesday 4 March 2015

My Robot Au Pair

It's not real, that's what!!!
This morning I was finishing what was possibly the nicest cappuccino in the world when Smallest Boy had the best idea a four year old could ever have.    

Brendan:  Mammy!  You need a robot.  You should get a robot!

Me:  That’s a great idea!  Where would we get one?

Brendan:  In the robot shop!  And he would do stuff.

Me:  What kind of stuff?

Brendan:  He would sweep your floors for you.

Me:  (Getting excited) And what else?  Would he cook?

Brendan:  He would.  You could teach him.

Me:  I could, I suppose.  What else?

Brendan:  All the stuff.  He could do all the stuff.  But he wouldn’t get hungry coz only humans get hungry.

Me:  Where would he sleep?

Brendan:  Robot’s don’t sleep!  They have a controller thing to turn them on and off.

Me:  What would his name be?  I know!  We could call him Robert the Robot.

Brendan:  No!  He will be called…………………………..Friendly Robot.  So Juno won’t be scared of him.

Me:  Okay.  What else would he do for me?  Keep talking about that.  I liked that bit.

Brendan:  He could drive the car for you!

Me:  Good idea.  Keep talking.

Brendan:  He could maybe help Daddy cut the grass!

Me: He could.

Brendan:  Wait!  Wait!  No!  I changed my mind.  I don’t want a robot.  We’re not getting a robot, Mammy. Sorry, I changed my mind.  No robots.  Can we go now?  I want some jellies.

And just like that my au pair disappeared into the ether.


  1. First they giveth then they taketh away (as the wise Queens of the Stone Age song goes). Maybe the 4 of them could knock one up for you before Mother's Day?

  2. Really nice post! I love all these conversations and wish I could document them all with my lil one.

    1. I love them too! I suppose this is my way of documenting them all.

  3. Love it, love it, love it...I might just steal this little guy from you Gwen:-)