Friday 13 March 2015

Stuff I Have in Common with Jessica Biel

I think Jessica Biel is an absolute babe.  She is my girl crush.   She is fantastically pretty in a way that is not intimidating.  I look at her and think, “We could be friends, Jessica and I.  Yes, we could.” 

And then you see her on the red carpet or in a magazine and her beauty is ramped up to an off the charts “woah!” with just a smidgeon of make-up.  She still looks like she wouldn’t swat you away as if you were a pesky fly if you asked her for directions.  Or maybe her autograph.

She looks, normal I suppose.  Like she might be a bit of fun sitting beside you on a bar stool.  Or going for a coffee.  I bet she’d be great company if I wanted to go shopping and needed a bit of advice.   

And her hair.  All her own I bet.  Lovely healthy looking hair.   That lucky girl was the reason I decided to go for Balayage highlights in mine. 

Yes, we have lots in common really.  Her career kicked off after she was cast as Mary Camden in the popular and long running family drama, 7th Heaven.  My second name is Mary.

Jessica is 1.70m.  I am too! 

If I stand on something.

Her ears are pierced.  She has a dog.  She was once vegetarian.  She is 33.  I used to be 33.  She’s married.  She likes to run. She drinks water.  And coffee.    


It’s uncanny really.

And then I went and ate three caramel wafer chocolate bar things one after the other and knew she wouldn’t do that in a million years.  I definitely didn’t feel like I had anything in common with her then.

But, but she is due her baby any day now *I think* and she’ll probably have a boy.  I bet she’ll have a boy.

Whew.  We’re back.  Best friends again.  Practically twins


  1. Oh this post made me so happy - I LOVE it.

    1. We need to start a proper Jessica Biel appreciation society. She can supply the coffee and water. I'll bring the caramel bars!