Friday 6 March 2015

Random Things I'd Be Lost Without

NATURALLY I WOULDN’T be able to get very far without my car keys.  In weather like this, I always wear a coat and gloves.  My wallet goes most places with me too.  It’s great company really.  Doesn’t do much.  There’s never a lot in it but if it did go missing, I’d have to cancel a gazillion cards for stupid stuff most of which I never use anyway, but the hassle of it.  My toothbrush is another one.  Manky, scuzzy mouth?  Yok!  I am a tad attached to a bit of moisturiser.  I dislike that tight feeling on my face after I clean it.  I’ve recently started to chew gum after a meal.  The lazy man’s toothbrush but I quite like it.  I also think it makes my teeth look whiter.  Water, I love water.  I don’t drink milk so water is my go to thirst quencher.

I could go on.  And on. But there are one or two more things that I really, really, really would be lost without.  I mean really.  I will reveal all and explain each one as I go along.

The school gate.  Surprising one, no?  Think about it though.  It’s a social injection that lasts as long as it takes for my child to appear.  Some days I’m tired and not up for banter so I sit in my car till the last minute.  But on the days when I am gasping for a chat and a laugh, parking up with ten minutes to spare can really change my day.  Some days it’s a quick hello and a half finished sentence before one of my boys literally drags me away.  But other days, like today, where I can pour my heart out to someone and find they feel the same way - that is the true mettle of the school gate.

Facebook.  Some days I think Facebook is a blood sport.  No-one ever puts up a new profile picture of themselves first thing in the morning after a rocking night out.  It’s always nice hair, nice clothes and make-up.  I’ve done this myself.  But it has its place too.  There is something for everyone on Facebook.  From parenting communities to sports pages.  From hobby pages to advice forums.  I’m part of it all and the really good thing about it is, you can step away from it any time you want to.

Spanx.  Yep, she said Spanx.  I said Spanx.  Although they’re not Spanx the brand they’re more like a cheapy Dunnes Stores pair of sucky in knickers that does the job very nicely thanks very much and don’t tell me you don’t have similar yourself. Not attractive but that’s why they’re called underwear and not outer wear.   Someone a little bit famous once said diamonds are a girl’s best friend.  Pshaw!  Give me a pair of panel beaters any day! 

Wine.  If it came down to it, at an absolute push and it was a very serious matter of life and death, I probably could do without it.  But I wouldn’t be happy.  Not one little bit.  I like it, see? 

Coffee and most recently tea.  When it’s too early in the day to be supping wine, coffee is a close second.  Ok, coffee is a poor second but it has its merits.  As does tea.  I’ve turned into a tea-aholic.  I find it goes best with about 10 of those giant chocolate buttons.  Yum!  Love those too.

Garnier Summer Body.  I had to sneak in a beauty can’t live without.  This stuff is the business.  Every summer I get asked “were you away?” when I wear it.  I only ever get away with the faeries but they wouldn’t know that.  It’s lovely for arms and upper chestical area.  I use leftover stuff on my face.  But it’s not great for legs.  Mine don’t appreciate it anyway.  But for everywhere else I like it.   Currently looking for a leg friendly one – as in not too tanned, just something to banish the utter whiteness of them – so if you have any recommendations please don’t be shy!

Pillows.  I like about three pillows.  The third one is a throwback from my pregnancy days and I just can’t seem to shake it.  It brings me much comfort and that’s its job, yes?
Other stuff that spring to mind immediately are those little shoe liners for your runners from Penneys.  Ooooooohhh, oooooohhh Penneys. Hold on!

Penneys.  This deserves a whole paragraph to itself.  Penneys (aka Primark) rocks!  It is my favourite shop in the whole wide entire all of the world.  Everyone needs a Penneys near them.  Ok so their underwear doesn’t really fit me anymore.  But I love their homewares.  Everyone needs 249 tea lights, right?  And those lovely little paper lanterns for your picnic table umbrella.  I could spend an hour in the accessory aisle before I go shoe shopping.  And now they do make-up.  What’s not to love?

Have you anything to add?


  1. LOVE this post. I don't own a pair of magic knickers unfortunately, but I'm dying to get my hands on some- no shame! haha. I totally get the pillow thing too. The more the better. Also Penneys, I love.

    1. You NEED magic knickers. Or maybe you don't! I don't think there is a person alive who doesn't like Penneys!!

  2. Great post!I need to invest in some Spanx-been in denial for far too long about this!I am also on the look out for a decent leg tanner-just to take the uncooked chicken look out of them!

    1. Aedín, as this is an old(ish) post I can highly recommend that tan stuff Cocoa Brown from......................(drum roll) Penneys!!! Apply with a mitt. Leave dry and boom!