Monday 30 March 2015

March Favourites

Right, I am cramming two months into this one so brace yourself; loads coming atcha.  But before I get into it, what about this weather we have been having?  Is there a definite hint of summer or am I just imagining things?  In fact I think I saw a swallow the other day.  Not too hard to believe; it was around St. Patrick’s Day a few years back when I spotted the first one of the summer so it is possible.  On this day however, I might have gotten a little carried away because I am so over the winter and really really want a super doper injection of natural Vitamin D via warm, melty, buttery sunshine.  Which I know we are going to get for the third year in a row!

Let’s get stuck in. 

Be warned, I have loads but they’re all goodies!

The Beauty Favourites

Essence Silky Touch Blush in Babydoll & Essence Studio Nails XXL Nail Thickener

Not one for blushes myself, I’m pink enough thank you, but sometimes I am so pale I frighten small children so a splash of colour takes the scare away.  This is a really lovely colour and if you tap off the excess before you apply it you really can’t go wrong.  If in the event you end up with a pink stripe (just sayin’) correct by dabbing on a little foundation.  If you’ve used a foundation brush all the better.  We all know how pocket friendly Essence cosmetics are so this definitely won’t break the bank.  Approximately €3.49
I had to bin what was left in my beloved Nail Nurse by Rimmel so when I spotted something similar in the Essence nail range, I snapped it up.  I like this a lot.  It has a hint of colour to it so you end up with a lovely natural pale colour on your nails after the third coat.  Not a bad buy at all if, like me, you run out of your usual Nail Nurse.

Catrice Powder Compact in Rose Beige & Limited Edition Nail Lacquer in Nude Purism

I love this compact.  It can be used as a setting powder, followed by a blush and I have even used the different shades as eyeshadow.  A perfect little all-rounder.
I am a sucker for a bottle of nail varnish.  And this one is no exception.  In fact the day I was paying for the above items the lady at the till commented on it and asked me where I bought it.  It’s not grey and it’s not taupe but a decent mix of the two.  Again, goes on really well and for someone whose hands are always in water of some sort, it doesn’t chip too quickly. 

The Food and Drink favourites

Chocolate Weetabix and blueberry Glenisk Greek Yogurt with blueberry.

Ok so a little confession.  I don’t buy the sugary breakfast cereals.  Unless they are on special offer and because I know the box will be emptied within 24 hours.  So it doesn’t get to hang around and they are not eating it every day.  Not sure why I think it’s ok for them to mainline a box of sugar over that period of time but when it’s gone, it’s gone and it doesn’t come back into the house for months.  One day one of them spotted a box of Weetabix on Special Offer.  My most oft repeated words.  Can we have it, pleeeeese, can we have it?

They got it.  And I ended up crumbling a biscuit into a bowl, chopping a banana and spooning blueberry Glenisk Greek yogurt over it just to see what it was like.

It was like a little bit of chocolatey heaven it what is was like.  Perfect after a run.  Absolutely perfect.  Not too sweet, which I was surprised about, and it really filled the gap.  Now I buy it every other week and hide it in the press for myself.   


You know you’re Irish when………………… drink copious amounts of tea.  This month I have been knocking back the stuff as if it was going out of fashion.  Cups of it, one after the other in the afternoon.  Lovely. 

The health favourites


My old favourite.  I could dedicate an entire post to this topic alone but I will try and keep it short here and cover the basics.  I love it.  Having been on a break of about 2 months (eeek!) I decided something must be done and last October I embarked on a self-imposed core strength regime each evening for about 15 minutes.  Just to tide me over and when Christmas was upon us, I got back out there and it was like I had never stopped.  I credit the core workouts for this.  Wonderful things altogether.  I am now topping 7k a few times a week and intend to hit the 10k mark before summer.  Of course I realise I have just jinxed myself good and proper by typing this out loud.  In case you are interested here is a link to a fabulous and wonderful set of ab exercises that can be done in 7 minutes (seven minutes) and I swear to god, if you do these religiously each day, you will see the difference. 

The Music favourites

Taylor Swift and Hozier
Let’s address Taylor first, shall we?  Millions and millions of people cannot be wrong.  That is all I will say on that matter.  Shake it off!  Best. Pop. Song. EVER!
Andrew Hozier Byrne didn’t exactly crawl out of the woodwork you know, nor was he an overnight success.  This guy has been treading the boards for years and years.  More power to him.  I remember him on Ray D’Arcy (sob! Come baaaaack) in the early days, playing in studio.  Ray advised people to travel to Whelan’s (sob!) on Camden Street to see him before he got ridiculously popular and started selling out all the big venues.  Look what’s happened. 

The feel good factor
I had to take a moment to think about this one.  Apologies but I did.  It’s been a long aul month and to be honest I am glad to see the end of it.  But the end is night (Apologies March!) but bring it on.  There is lots to look forward to and I believe that is important.  Make a list if you have to.  I have!  There will be a couple of family get together’s in April and there is a new little cousin in the family.  It’s all good.  You might have to delve deep but you will find something. 

Thanks for tuning in!


Disclaimer.  I bought all of these products myself.  I wasn’t asked to review them nor did I receive payment for same.  I liked them all and thought I would share the love. 

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  1. I love this post and I am with you all the way good riddance March bring on some sun my body needs to warm up!! Need to get me some nail nurse thanks for that one :) also loving taylor swift and hozier! I love yougurt and weetabix with some fruit in it too, delish :) xx