Tuesday 7 April 2015

20 Great Things That Happened This Morning

When I first opened my eyes this morning I couldn’t see out the window because there was such a dense fog.  I knew straight away it was going to be a wonderful day.  So I rolled right back over and shut my eyes.  I wasn’t wrong!  It is a glorious day.  Birds are singing, the grass is bright green and the air is warm.  I also saw swallows today!  The first sign of summer.

When I finally made it downstairs the boys were quietly entertaining themselves which was a minor miracle in itself.   It is week 2 of the Easter break and true to form, everyone has settled into a nice routine.  The first week was a bit crazy; the weather didn’t; help but it always takes a week to 10 days before things settle.  Because everyone was so mellow I decided to go with the flow and take whatever the day threw at me.  Which was only delightful things. 

Here are 20 feel goods that happened this morning.

  1. I didn’t get up until 9.20am.
  2. The boys didn’t request pancakes for breakfast.  Everyone was content to eat slice after slice of toast and drink orange juice.
  3. We are not going to budge.  One of the boys expressly asked last night if we could stay at home today.  His wish is my command.
  4. For the second day during the Easter holidays, the boys stayed in their pyjamas.
  5. I am sitting on the stairs in perfect, warm sunlight drinking tea.
  6. The boys are not fighting at the moment.  Xbox is entertaining them so I can sit on the stairs in golden sunshine and drink tea.
  7. There is washing on the clothes line.  Actual washing.
  8. Last night we went out for a delicious meal in our local Asian restaurant.  Very generous portion sizes meant the boys couldn’t possibly finish theirs so we took home doggy bags.  Dinner is sorted for today; yellow Thai chicken curry.
  9. It is week 2 of the Easter holidays and it feels like there is ages left still.
  10. I am still on the stairs and no-one has come looking for me!
  11. Second cup of tea at my feet (and some Easter eggs) on the stairs.
  12. My floors are clean.  Not such a big deal normally but they really needed doing.
  13. There is a second load of washing on.
  14. I am not wearing socks.  I am wearing short sleeves and a short trousers. 
  15. The back door is open and will stay that way until late evening.
  16.  Smallest Boy has come in to remind me to put his “sun scream” on.
  17. There is fruit soaking in tea waiting to be turned into a tea brack.
  18. The bubble machine is being put through its paces.
  19. Putting a bottle of Pinot Grigio in the fridge for later!
  20. Having an actual conversation about putting up the picnic table umbrella.


Yes, it is a cracking day.  Long may it last.


  1. Awh what a wonderful and uplifting post :) Sounds like you had a great day :)

    1. It was a lovely day. Really was. When the weather is so good, it's impossible not to see the bright side of things.