Friday 3 April 2015

Good News Good Friday

Today is Good Friday.  If you are Irish it means there isn’t a drop of alcohol to be got for love nor money.  All the pubs are closed, see. Unless you were prepared and bought some yesterday.  You could also go out for a meal.  I think restaurants and the like can sell alcohol on Good Friday.  I stand corrected on that one.

But I’ve got three bottles of wine.  Two are in the fridge chilling right now. 

I think meat is supposed to be shunned today as well.  I ate chicken. *shrugs*

Moving on from food and drink today was Good News Good Friday for us. 

We received the results of some blood tests. 

See one of our boys had a very scary allergic reaction to something or other last December.  Very briefly it involved a mad dash to the out of hours family doctors service where he received two shots to take down rapid swelling.  After an hours observation we were discharged with instructions to go straight to hospital if anything changed that night.  

Some hours later he suffered a very common secondary reaction and we hot footed it to the hospital where he received a shot of epinephrine into his thigh.

It turned into an overnight stay.  The next morning he was right as rain, his memory of the previous night a bit hazy.

I carry an epipen at all times now and his school also has one.

Today the results of his bloods told us he tested negative to fish and nuts.  The bad news is he is allergic to grass pollen, dust mites and dog dander.

A food allergy is horrific.  Everything has to be watched.  Every ingredient has to be read and read again.  There seems to be traces of nuts in everything. We haven’t eaten fish of any description since December 13th 2014.

Having said that, our boy was lucky in that whatever caused him to have his reaction (he had eaten fish that evening) he was never in any danger of reacting to cross contamination.   There are kids out there who cannot be in the same room as nuts such is their risk of anaphylactic shock and possible death. 

So good news for him.  Great news for him.  He is thrilled to be able to eat fish again.

Of course we are relieved too.  We still have to carry our epipens but it’s fantastic that a food allergy has been eliminated. 

I, on the other hand, am not so thrilled at the prospect of all that dusting and cleaning I will have to embark on. 

Dog dander. I mean, come on!       

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