Monday 4 November 2013


Today I saw an ad in the paper.  Receptionist for a five chair dental practice.  The ad said.  Four days a week.  The ad said.

That’s what it read like but I saw “Freedom!  Four days a week.  From 9am to 6pm.  And you’ll get paid for it!”

A part of me is still thinking about applying just to see would I even get called for an interview. 

If I did get called it would be such a confidence boost.   I have been on maternity leave for almost 9 years now and the bolshy, I-Can-Do-This me is long gone. 

Of course, I wouldn’t be able to take it.  I’d be working four days a week to pay for child care and travel expenses.

If I got called for the interview in the first place.

Today I made a start on potty training as per my last post.

By 4.30pm he was back in nappies.  Déjà vu.  Been there with Lovely Liam.

Smallest Boy had no more interest in perching on the potty than I did.  His excitement at new Ben 10 and Thomas the Tank Engine wonderpants fizzled out after about five minutes. 

Then he peed in them.

In them all.  And all the tracksuit bottoms. 

We will return to this venture in another month or so.  When we are on our Christmas holidays maybe.

And Mister Husband can do it.

Today, or tonight really, I spent a most enjoyable twenty minutes reading from Alfie’s Treasury to the boys before bedtime.  It’s been in the house for months but never bothered with.  Even Oldest Boy, who is “too old for those stories” hung around the hallway, eavesdropping, before he could stand it no longer and came right in to climb up onto the bed with the rest of us.

After that I said goodnight to Lovely Liam and Shy Boy, telling them to dream of swimming pools filled with bouncy marshmallows and not dream of their friends being shot.

Yes, sometimes my child dreams of his friends being shot.

Today a friends German shepherd puppy was taken from her garden at lunch time.  She went door to door this evening and her husband drove around with their two young kids, looking.  She fears their pet is long gone.

Despite both cars being parked in the yard, they still came in and took the dog, closing the gates behind them. 

I am sharing this because I would love to see them reunited with their pet.  This kind of thing is very upsetting to say the least. 

Today there were dishonourable people about but hopefully there will be a happy ending to this story.

Today is almost over.  Make room for tomorrow.
I am delighted to reveal at the time of hitting the "publish" button, the dog was found safe and well.  No details of her most excellent adventure just yet, but the main thing is she will be reunited with her family again.


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  1. I think this is the best post you have ever written. Really loved it and it's got everything: Wit, information, too much information (!), drama, suspense and a happy ending.