Monday 22 June 2015

A Melty Monday

It is the last Monday of the school year.  I’ve spent a lot of time talking about that recently I’ve noticed.  Today there was ice-cream and snacks.  Rice Krispies and lots of scrambled eggs and boiled ones purely because it was a melty Monday.  I’d no energy to speak of.  I did the bare minimum and I was more than happy with that.  Everyone is tired.  There is a summer cold in the house.  The almost 6 year is asleep on the couch as I write.  Conked out.  He has been falling sleeping like this daily for the last week.  Did I say everyone is tired?  They go to bed at the usual time, confused because “it’s still bright outside!” and stay awake messing until well past 9pm.  Which has a direct effect on the energy levels into the next day. 

I am tired but I feel light hearted.  I have that lovely looking forwardness that only comes with the thoughts of long holidays from school, trips to the swimming pool, late evenings in the garden and bare feet.

Toes are sticking out of runners and school shoes.  Red jumpers are frayed at the wrists and the back door is open all day and well into the evening.

The garden is awash with that soft springy underfoot stuff that is not moss but not grass either.  Daisies everywhere.  We have green raspberries on two plants.  Smallest Boy and I are inspecting them on a daily basis and discovering watched raspberries do not ripen.

There is a stack of old school books upstairs waiting to be thrown into the recycling and the covers put onto new tomes for next year.  Once the school bags are washed (Friday!) this will happen.

I have a Rosslare holiday list ready to go – pared down to the absolute minimum as it will be our third year in a row back to Rosslare Holiday Villas and I’ve learned a thing or two about what to pack (extra shorts & T-shirts) and what to leave behind (pasta and tins of beans).

I should be booting up to go for a quick run with the dog but as energy levels are low, I just might take tonight off.

Sometimes melty Mondays are nice!

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