Tuesday 9 June 2015

Barefaced Beauty and Makeup Magic. A Linky.

Have you ever muttered aloud, thank fuck for make-up?  Some of my very funny Irish Parenting Blogger colleagues have.  In fact, thank fuck for make-up was put forward as a suggestion for the title of this blog linky in which we chat about makeup.  Instead Sinead at Bumbles of Rice went with Barefaced Beauty and Makeup Magic instead.  Here is my contribution. 

Basically we all wear makeup; after all it makes us look a little less scary in the morning and I’m all for something that lends a bit of confidence if we feel we need it.        

One of the things that caused me great consternation and I have to admit, at times, embarrassment when I was growing, up were my freckles.  I don’t just have lots.  I am a freckle.  Covered in them.  They are on my eyelids, I have one on my lip, the backs of my hands and legs, tummy and Jesus, everywhere. 

I wanted to buy all of the lemons and just bleach them right off.  When I read in a magazine (coz they always speak the truth) that you won’t get any new freckles once you reach your twenties, I could barely contain my excitement. 

I call bullshit!

Someone forgot to tell my freckles to calm the jayzus down and stop multiplying.  My kids used to think I was spotty until I told them they are called freckles!

Lovely older aunties and the like used to refer to them as beauty spots when I was younger.

As a result of my hate hate relationship with my sun damage, I used to trowel on the old make-up in an effort to hide them.

You can imagine how that looked!

I’ll give you a hint.  Not very well.

These days I have learned to embrace them.

That’s a lie. I haven’t. I have learned to accept them.  The fuckers are not going anywhere and neither, it seems, are my wrinkles.

It is safe to say I have a severe case of unblemished skin envy.

Anyhow, here are some of my current favourite makeup products to hide embrace compliment make peace with my freckles.

I am a big fan of BB creams.  I love them.  I know a lot of people recon they are a glorified tinted moisturiser.  To them I say, you haven’t found the correct one for you.  I like the Garnier ones.  Probably because I haven’t really tried any others.  But over the weekend I caved and treated myself to a Bare Minerals one that I am only dying to play with.

Oh. Another thing I don’t like about my face.  I have shite eyebrows.  They are very fair and I need to draw them on if my face has to have any definition at all I don’t want to look like an alien.

I don’t wear make-up every day.  But when I do feel like brightening my face this little lot are my go to products.   Nice and simple and take me less than ten minutes to apply.

There is something very soothing and relaxing about applying make-up.  I think so anyway and I would probably enjoy it all the more if I wasn’t running back and forth to check on pancakes in the pan. 

Items in the picture. 

Garnier 5 Second Blur.  This is really nice for minimising pores. 
Collection. Gorgeous Glow colour block.  This gives my skin a nice sun kissed look.
Collection.  Colour Lash Mascara in brown.  I love brown mascara and I find it next to impossible to find.  This is the only one I’ve managed to find.  Come on make-up companies.  We don’t all like the full on lash look for during the day.
Collection.  Eyebrow pencil in Blonde.  Catrice eyebrow pencil in Date with Ash-ton with spoolie.  Both good products for keeping my brows looking natural and not like two crows took flight across my forehead. 
Urban Decay Naked Basics.  This is a lovely neutral eyeshadow pallette. 
Nivea.  Tinted moisturiser in Light.  I have this for years and I love it during the summer.  I find sometimes it needs a little help (if I’m not wearing fake tan) and this is where the Academie foundation comes in.  A tiny touch too dark for me, it blends really well with the tinted moisturiser. 
NYC lip crayon.  Rose.  It tastes like bubble-gum and it is lovely and light for during the day.

Disclaimer:  All of these products are my own.  I have not been paid for this post.  All opinions are my own.

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