Friday 16 November 2012

Big Bird. Week 16. False Readings

“I exercised once but found I was allergic to it.  My skin flushed and my heart raced.  I got sweaty and short of breath.  Very dangerous.”

I’m getting to the stage now when I know whether or not I have lost weight.  Last week for example, I knew I would be down a bit.  I couldn’t be sure but I felt it was going to be a pound anyway.

I got it wrong.  It was more.  But it is also what I call my false reading. It’s when I have had a bad week with eating and a good week with running.  The input does not match the output, in other words, I use up more calories than I ingest.   

This week I reckon I will be up a pound by the same reasoning.

I shall explain.  Last week, as I have already said, was a bad week in terms of not eating.  I scoffed an I-will-in-my-arse Share bag of Giant Chocolate Buttons and a 200g bar of Turkish Delight on Saturday.  But that little act of chocolate savagery meant I cleared the house of chocolate for the rest of the week.  My chocolate anyway.  I don’t bother with the kid’s stuff.   
Unless I am really desperate that is.

There is no doubt being on a chocolate famine helped.

With regard to proper food, I ate the kid’s leftovers.  I have fallen into the habit of cooking less rather than more.  I cannot tell you how sick I am of cooking full on dinners every day only to have them sniffed at and gingerly tasted before they push them away and request Weetabix.

I never claimed to be a good cook.  The fact that I hate cooking is apparent in the finished product which is probably why the lads don’t eat much of it.  But last week was a hungry week and they ate rings round themselves.  And me.

Some people, Mister Husband for example, says hunger is a good sauce.  Lemme tell ya, if I don’t like something, I’d eat my own hand first before I’d touch it.  So I am confident in the knowledge that my cooking may not be the best but it is not awful; just samey and a bit boring.  But what else can I do when there’s a brood that will only eat samey and boring stuff.  I am not going to go experimenting with all sorts only to have it pushed away.  Which they will do.    

So last week, they ate everything I cooked. Result.  And not a first either.  This phenomenon has happened before.   I fed them first, as I always do, and what was left over I made do with.  That and the crusts from their sandwiches.  I was hardly starving.  I have my tea to thank for that.

This week was different.  I managed to get out for just two runs and one of those was around the garden when Smallest Boy was having a morning snooze. 

Going back to my magic tea.  During the bad week for food, good week for exercise, I’m not sure if I have my tea to thank or to blame.  I’ve been drinking it for seven weeks now and I can definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, say that it 100% reduces the urge to snack.  Especially on chocolate which was always my go to food whenever I needed a little boost.  But I think the downside of it, for me anyway, is that it also keeps the “I’m hungry” pangs away. 

There is no getting away from it, I neglected to eat that week and the tea made it comfortable for me to do so.      

The other thing I wanted to chat about is how November is like transition in labour.  In other words it’s a real bitch.  You get to the “I can’t do this no more!” kicking and screaming part which is always a dead giveaway that birth is very, very close.  You reach deep down to tap into those hidden inner resources, to draw on the last vestige of energy and “pop” the baby’s born.  Or in this instance, you’ve dropped a pound or reached your target weight after weeks and weeks of hard work and good eating habits. 

I reckon the month of November is the losing weight equivalent of transition in labour.  But the end is in sight.  Christmas is just around the corner.  So hold on in there.  Set your sights on the prize, visualise it and it will be yours. 

August  2012 -  eleven stone three and a half pounds   
October 26th – ten stone eleven pounds
November 2nd – ten stone eleven and three quarters of a pound. 
November 9th – ten stone nine and a half pounds
November 16th- ten stone nine and three quarters (up quarter pound) 

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