Monday 21 October 2013

Loose Teeth

Teeth Containers

Competition between the boys is at an all-time high.  I have also heard it said competition is a good thing.  It’s good alright.  So good, they are almost killing each other.

Age is an issue with Oldest Boy and Shy Boy.  With just 23 months between them, Oldest Boy has strength, speed and confidence on his side.  Shy Boy aches to be as good, if not better than his older brother.  Howls of outrage when this doesn’t happen are common.

Lovely Liam and Smallest Boy are currently battling it out over me and they will argue at length over whose mammy I am.  One of them will have my left leg in a vice like grip as the other holds onto the right one and tries to beat off his brother.

Precisely a year ago, I signed the two oldest boys up for swimming lessons and I braved the water with the other two. 

The first seven weeks were grand so I signed them up for the next round.  Shy Boy point blank refused to enter the water after three lessons. 

Today, he is a tad disgusted that his older brother is diving into the deep end and swimming through weighted hoops dropped into the water.

He announced last week he wants to go back to lessons.  To be as good as his brother.

Not too long ago in the distant past, he threw a few strops over the fact Oldest Boy’s teeth were falling out.  “It’s not fair.  How come mine never fall out?”

He now has a total of four wobbly teeth in the bottom front section of his mouth. They are rattling around in his head, but still refusing to release their grip on his gums.  Nonetheless there is much joy, much tweaking and pulling in an effort to encourage them to fall out.

When Oldest Boy was losing his, he wouldn’t eat Rice Krispies because he “couldn’t handle them” and he returned to his baby habit of heavy drooling. 

It’s not right to laugh at your kids, but sometimes you can’t help it.  It can be particularly difficult to keep a straight face when baby teeth take turns in sticking out and the child in question has to use his tongue to poke one back in behind the other.

Shy Boy is a bit wary of eating apples at the moment.

It’s a physical impossibility anyway even if he is afraid to chance it for fear of accidentally swallowing his loose choppers. 

I have assured him that in the event of them being ingested, they will pass through him.    

But also I will not be the one to “look” for them. 

At my suggestion he has gathered a couple of suitable containers in which to place his tooth if it falls out during school time.  This has previously happened much to the absolute horror of his classmate. 

The tooth was never found.

My boy scout is going in prepared.  

Makin' your mind up time.


  1. Are those real tooth holders? I didn't know they existed, wait 'til mine are at that stage, they'll love them! So, the competing doesn't lessen? Aaaaagh, there's only 16 months between my two and already there's war!

    1. Joanna, one is a real tooth container. The blue one. It is part of a book called Do Pirates Have Wobbly Teeth. I have seen a pink version too. If my crap memory doesn't fail me, I think they might have been purchased in Lidl. The red bin is part of a Trash Pack collection that "all good toy stores" (and Tescos!) carry.