Friday 25 October 2013


I have a terrible habit of saying, “I am really looking forward to…………..” fill in the blank space.

In this case the blank space is the Halloween mid-term break. 

All week, in fact all month, I have been wishing it closer and closer.

No school lunches for a week.  No uniforms.  No homework.  That one is worth repeating; no homework! No school runs. No craziness in the mornings.  (Let me dream, ok?) No in bed by 8pm every night.   (For them at least.  It could very well be me that is falling into the scratcher at that time.)

It is going to be great!


Except I forgot some stuff. 


The noise

They are always loud.  Always.  Even when they are talking quietly they are loud.  But this time I will be privy to unnatural decibel levels all week.  I will have Dora and Power Rangers coming out of my ears. 

The [lack of] readies to do stuff with

Why couldn’t The Childers Allowance be in tomorrow instead of next weekend?  I might have to rob my catering sized Mayonnaise jar to take them to the pool in the middle of the week.  In the meantime I will have to source free entertainment like the woods, the park.  The cemetery.  That’s a good one.  They’ve been looking to go to the cemetery for months now.  Would it look odd if I packed a picnic?

The tiredness.  Mine.

This one is inevitable least of all because the clocks go back at the weekend too.  Did you forget that one?  I didn’t. 

The fights

Once Deadly 60 was over with this afternoon, within five minutes they became fractious.  I went upstairs to get away from the sniping and griping.  I was followed.  I went into the bathroom and locked the door after me.  I was followed.  They opened the locked door.  From the outside.

Time to be afraid.

I’ve also realised when I say I am looking forward to something, I enjoy the looking forward part more than the event itself.

But it’s here now, the mid-term break and I intend to enjoy the next few days if it kills me.

D’you hear me?  If it kills me!


  1. Enjoy it! (Don't let it kill you). My husband got me noise blocker/headphones that I put on when I'm in the same room as the children and can see them....May not work with 4 kids though!

    1. I've got a similar system. I "turn off" my ears by making a twisting motion with my hands at each ear and doing a ridiculous "tssshhh" sound. Drives them crazy! Also it doesn't work.