Monday 28 October 2013

Mid-Term. Day 1

Ship from Shackleton School

“Are you looking forward to the mid-term?”  “Any plans for the next four days?” “Are you glad they’re on mid-term?”

All said with more than a distinct hint of comedy.

And my answer was always the same.  “Yes.  I am looking forward to the mid-term.  It’s going to be great!  No homework, no uniforms, no lunches, no school runs.  It’s going to be lovely.”

And then I add:  “But come back to me on Wednesday.  If you see them all tethered and grazing on the side of the road you will know I have reached my limit.”

Today is Day 1 and a bank holiday to boot which means the mid-term is really only the aforementioned four days long.  Anyone can do anything for four days.

Famous last words maybe.

So far I have enjoyed two lovely lie-ins.  I was up before 9am both times but that is a lie-in for me.  Once the kids are fed, dressed and the kitchen tidied, and not by me, I am happy.

The clock going back has screwed royally with Smallest Boys circadian rhythms.  He was awake at 5am the last two mornings which is 6am “old time” but still a whole hour before his usual wake-up.

I was not about to let that get in the way of my plans.  So this is what we did today.

We visited two cemeteries.  They were surprisingly peaceful.

Because we are blessed with a beautiful river walk this was the obvious place to go next.  Juno also got her first wash/swim ever.  Even if she wasn’t expecting it.  I was just very grateful it was the dog who tested the slimy waters and not one of the boys.

Walk on the wild side (ish)

Mister Husband had to go into the office for an hour or two this morning so when we were done with our activities, we thought meeting him for a hot chocolate was in order.

Across the square from J-One Café is the Athy Heritage Centre and they are currently enjoying their 13th Shackleton Autumn school programme. 

We had to have a peep in there afterwards and I was delighted to discover an old friend within; the call bell from the Convent of Mercy. 

Like most things, I have memories of it being much larger than it actually is and the lads were all dying for a go.  They weren’t the only ones and as a result, the museum found it necessary to tie up the thick rope out of little hands reach.

If you happen to be passing through Emily Square, pop in to have a look.  You could find worse ways to spend an hour.

Then it was time for a nap.  Smallest Boy, not me. 

The afternoon beckoned.  Of course as the boys “didn’t do anything” all day we had to put on our thinking caps to see what the afternoon had to offer.

Turned out it wasn’t too shabby.

We decided to take a trip to a falconry approximately half an hour away.

I thought Oldest Boy would fall down in a fit of the vapours, he being hungry for all things animal and deadly, but in typical almost 8 year old fashion, he was very blasé about the whole thing.

I, on the other hand, once I got over the upset at seeing birds tethered, was impressed by their sheer awesomeness. 

Now the rest of the week looms before us but I have something planned for every day.  The boys may or may not get a home cooked meal every day.  Actually, they definitely won’t. 

That would get in the way of the fun.

But they certainly won’t go hungry.  We’ve got a play centre appointment in the morning in an effort to include everyone from group on our mid-term break.  There will be a trip to the pool followed by a late breakfast of pancakes in the previously mentioned J-One café. 

Weather permitting, a trip to the woods and maybe to a park or two.  There is a Halloween party on Thursday and two birthday parties at the weekend.    

I mentioned previously I was going to enjoy this mid-term break if it killed me.

I’m still alive!

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