Monday 30 September 2013

Everyday Conversations Now

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These days my conversations run pretty much something like this.  

Me:  What did you do in school today?
Child:   Stuff.
Me:  What kind of stuff?
Child:  Mammy, stop telling me questions.  You’re giving me a headache!  (And without pausing for breath) Mammy, which tree does chocolate grow on?
Me:  Ehhhhh,
Child:  Mammy, can we make daddy a birthday cake?
Me:  That's a great idea, Con!
Child:  A chocolate one, Mammy?
Me:  Lovely!
Child:  With jelly babies on top?
Me:  He'd love that, Con.
Child:  And what about ham, Mammy?
Me: ????????
Child:  Mammy?  What about ham?  With nuts, like the bakewell you make.  Mammy?  How do you know how to make bakewell?
Me:  (Still mentally hurling at the idea of a chocolate ham cake) Em, your Nana taught me, Con.
Child:  Oh.  Mammy?  Mammy!!  Mammy!  I'm going to change into a Super Alien and smash the bad lads up.

Me:  Eh, on you go son.  Knock yourself out!

Child:  Mammy, can you fly?
Me:  Only off the handle, Con.
Child:  What, Mammy?
Me:  No, Con. I can’t fly.
Child:  That’s ok, Mammy.  Coz I can. 

Child:  Mammy!  Come back in here.  Quick!
Me:  What’s wrong?
Child:  Oh, it’s ok.  I thought your belly looked bigger in the other room.  I thought it was a B-A-B-Y.
Me:  ………………………………………..


  1. Replies
    1. In fairness, it probably sounds a lot like a lot of houses :)

  2. Great blog! I will definitely visit it again!

    1. Thanks for reading! And for the compliment. I speak the truth and at the same time try not to scare anyone ;)