Friday 6 December 2013

Bah Humbug. Or Maybe Not

I may as well be honest from the outset. 

I am not a huge fan of Christmas.  There are lots of reasons for my bah humbug-ness starting with the obvious and a few reasons known only to myself.

  •     It is too commercialised  
  •  There is always the fear of getting snowed in for January thus a mad food shopping  frenzy ensues  
  •     The shops are heaving with rabid shoppers
  •     The stress of purchasing and then concealing presents from little people
  •     Christmas decorations.  Go figure
  •     There’s an awful lot of people 
  •   It is all over and done with once The Dinner is finished.  A whole 6 weeks of manic, feverish preparation wiped out after a few roast spuds and slices of turkey.

I didn’t always feel like this.  I used to love Christmas.  Especially the build up to it all.   

Christmas Eve was brilliant – a time for last minute shopping. Usually for myself. 

I loved finishing up work for the holidays.   I loved the hustle and bustle of it all.  Other people’s hustle and bustle that is.  I always had everything bought and wrapped by December 1st, giving me the rest of the month to enjoy the atmosphere.  And to pity those who weren’t as organised.

I loved socialising.  I loved how everyone was always in great form.  The banter, the bonhomie, the Christmas drink/s; I loved it all.

I am very much aware my bah humbug-ness stems from the fact I am a mother now and therefore swamped in mother-like things such as;

  •     Brussels sprouts    
  • ·        Wrapping paper and Christmas cards
  • ·        Early wake ups and sobriety
  • ·        Clean ups and leftovers

All is not lost however.  There is one day in the run up to Christmas I love. 

Tomorrow is that day.  Or to be exact, tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night is that day.

See, a family member will be celebrating a milestone birthday soon and tomorrow night is the night we get together to do that.

I have to do other stuff first like grocery shopping, take the dog for a run, buy runners, buttons and hard card to make Christmas cards for people. 

Then, then I will be getting my hair done.  I love that.

After which I will enjoy a leisurely hour or so looking at make-up and shoes.

By myself.

I won’t turn around to find four children and one man looking at me looking at shoes and make-up.

Also a purchase or two is very likely to be made.  I will grab a bottle of wine for those all-important pre-meal drinks.

Go home and get ready to go out. 

I can’t wait. Ican’twaitIcan’twait!  I CAN’T WAIT!

And hopefully I will have some of the following on Sunday morning.

  •     A clear head
  • ·        A phone full of smiley photo’s
  • ·        My shoes
  • ·        Buttons and hard card


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  1. Enjoy!!!! Sounds perfect pre-Christmas delight to me. How extraordinarily thoughtful for the family member to have a milestone birthday so close to Christmas :-)