Friday 20 December 2013

Christmas Interviews

I do feel the true meaning of Christmas has gotten somewhat buried underneath all the commercialism out there.

I’m caught up in it too.

It’s all about the presents and the food and the Santa gifts for the boys. 

The other day a nice lady asked Lovely Liam what was Santy bringing.  Afterwards he asked me why everyone keeps asking him that and not “baba.”  Another time he had on his “not again!” face when yet another person asked him was Santy coming and I had to intervene quickly.

Even the kids are getting fed up with it.

I have asked my lot what they are most looking forward to about Christmas but then it occurred to me they might not actually know what Christmas is about? 

I compiled a little quiz to catch them out test their knowledge.

You got your Christmas holidays from school today.  What was that like?

Oldest Boy:  Really great.  Because I don’t really like school except for Fridays.  I like it on Fridays because we get Am Órga (Golden Time) and we get treats.
Shy Boy:   Good.  Because we didn’t have a full day and got out early.   
Lovely Liam:  Great coz I got a Power Ranger car from Santy today.
Smallest Boy:  Boys did.  We find them in school.

What are you most looking forward to about Christmas?

Oldest Boy:  Holidays from school and presents because I really like toys and I want to have a break from school.
Shy Boy:  My birthday.  It’s after Christmas. 
Lovely Liam:  Getting more presents.  Loads and loads of them.  Maybe even a hundred.
Smallest Boy:  Fall down.  Christmas tree. 

What is Christmas?

Oldest Boy:  It’s a time where God is born and people get presents.
Shy Boy:  It’s Jesus’s birthday on Christmas Day and we have no school.
Lovely Liam:  We get presents.  Because Santy is coming. 
Smallest Boy:  Go to bed coz night time

What colour is Rudolph’s nose and why?

Oldest Boy:  Red.  Because if he didn’t have Rudolph with a red nose he wouldn’t be able to see and he could run into a building or into an electricity pole.
Shy Boy:  Red.  I don’t know why.  Oh wait, it’s because he has a cold! 
Lovely Liam:  Red.  Coz he’s so shiny.  Coz he wants to show Santy his way in the dark.
Smallest Boy:  Black. Pink.  No, pink!  Him just flashes.

And for the final tally.  Just to prove a point. 

The number of times presents were mentioned: 4 times.  Or maybe even a hundred and four times.  Sheesh.  I rest my case. 

In reference to Oldest Boy’s seeming dislike for school, I have no idea what he is talking about; he loves it!  “Can we go in early today?” and “I don’t want to be late,” are regular requests and statements. 

Just so you know, they are rarely late.  Late in our house means pulling up to the school as Múinteoir Sínead is opening the gate.  That may or may not have happened today.

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  1. Smallest boy's answers are my favourite! I must ask my pair some similar questions, as we don't practice religion I'm fairly sure they have NO idea why Mammy is constantly frantic these days!!