Monday 16 December 2013

Christmas Countdown

It’s all coming together quite nicely.

The tree went up over the weekend.  We let the kids decorate it and we put the lights on when they were finished.

Great stuff.


The lights are plugged into the same double socket as the fridge freezer.

Two and a half years ago Lovely Liam turned off the same freezer and I discovered it a couple of days later.

Loaves of bread, garlic baguettes, packs of minced beef and one or two grey, thoroughly defrosted chickens plus several bags of mushy, once frozen vegetables all feked into the bin.

I am only scalded with all the jumping up and down to check one of them hasn’t repeated history due to their utter fascination with turning on and off the blinking things.

But at least all the shopping is finished.  At long last.

I picked up the last two bottles of wine yesterday and got everything else wrapped during the week.  The Santa haul is done. 

That’s “done” with a capital D.  All of it under lock and key in an upstairs cupboard.    

It is such a relief to get that far.

I had been running round trying to get everything done so I can relax next week and just soak up some festive spirit.  It was a bit of a frenzy but I did it.

In the same vein, Mister Husband has gone on a finishing blitz.  Anything around the house that needs finishing has been attacked. 

He started a couple of things too.  Like installing two lights outside the back door and ripping open a hole in the kitchen ceiling in order to connect electricity to the new lights.   

And he discovered something.  Something hideous.  Something gross.  Something foul.  Something soft, wet and squishy. 

Something dead.

The foul smell that kept coming and going, the one that refused to be beaten by oil burners, hoovering, dusting or cleaning turned out to be a dead rat in our kitchen ceiling.

If anyone has solutions on how to get rid of the still lingering stench of rodent death, I would be most grateful. 

Did I forget to mention school holidays are now just four sleeps away?  Well, they are.

Thank goodness.

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