Monday 30 December 2013

The Time Santy Messed Up

Pic credit.  Stick Man Book

 So Santy messed up.  The big feker.  Imagine!  I thought it was bad enough years ago when he gave me a First Love doll instead of the Tiny Tears one I requested *at the last minute* and my mother told me Andrea down the road got the last one. 

Bah humbug!

I have since learned that Andrea down the road got Susie Swims (never heard of her) and she felt equally as hard done by.

Anyway, Saturday 28th December was the day I decided to take down the decorations.  I know.  I know.  I believe I said bah humbug already.

I was putting the smaller pieces back into storage and underneath a black bag I saw an item that looked suspiciously like a Power Rangers thing.

Bearing in mind on Christmas Eve when Mister Husband and I had our Santy on, Mister Husband cast a critical eye at Lovey Liam’s pile and declared it to be “smaller than the others.  It looks crap.”

pic credit.  Stick Man book

I shushed him and said he would be delighted with his other Power Rangers yoke that has fifteen inter-changeable heads.  He’d love it. Trust me.  He will zone in on that and everything else will be forgotten.

Looks like it wasn’t the only thing that was forgotten for there in front of me on Saturday December 28th 2013 was a Power Ranger scooter.



What to do.

Would we get away with it three days later?  Would we be lynched by the others over the extra gift factor and, most importantly, would Lovely Liam swallow it?

We decided to give it a go.

And whaddaya know.

He swallowed it.  Hook, line and scooter.

Picture Credit:  Stick Man

The others took one look at the extra gift and swiftly returned to fighting over couch space and TV rights. 

I blame Santy.  Entirely.  He was obviously imbibing on the Irish leg of his journey.

picture credit:  Stick Man


  1. I love Stick Man! You won't hear any bah humbugs from me, I had our tree and all traces of festivity back in the attic on the 27th!!! Unfortunately, I didn't find anything special that Santa had hidden away, I'd have loved a scooter!

    1. Wouldn't have minded finding something for me under all the stuff. Ah well, maybe next year.

  2. To be fair to Santy, Christmas Eve is a busy time so he does need that little bit of imbibing to keep him going...

    1. Oh she did. I mean, he did. Santy definitely did.

  3. Feeling guilty now. Leon insisted that Santa wanted beer (Mya, being more PC, suggested milk). The poor lad/gal must have come by our house and then swung by yours ... sozzled ... hic ...

    1. Upside; at least you now which of them will be carrying the other home after a session :)