Friday 13 December 2013

Christmas Button Cards

During the summer I made button pictures depicting the four seasons.  

I bought a huge bag of buttons and used a quarter of them.  I knew they would come in handy again.

And they have.

We made button Christmas cards for the boys to present to their muinteoiri (teachers) to say thank you for all their hard work and encouragement this school year.

It’s amazing how far a bag of buttons will get you.  I did have to pick up some envelopes and blank folded card though.  I didn’t mind; any excuse to visit the huge discount store.    

One thing I did learn is making crepe paper balls requires time and effort.  If you must do this, pour yourself a large glass of something nice to help it pass. 

Don’t make the same mistake I did and allow a small child to “help out.”  My small child was having trouble making pea sized crepe paper balls so I told him to make them “booger sized” and he felt a strong need to try one for size.

An alternative use for a wine glass

He also possesses a low boredom threshold and once the offending orange crepe paper ball was removed from his right nostril, he skipped off to do something else.  

Leaving me in relative peace to finish up the cards.  During the rare occasions I make & do, I like the lads to “make” their mess over there and leave me to create here, by myself, at this end of the table. Alone.  Thank you.

These are the cards we/I made.  And as I am utterly, utterly incapable of thinking up gorgeous stuff like this all by my own self I googled button card images. 

Show me a picture and I will have a damn good stab at re-creating it.

I have credited the sites below.

I think we did pretty good job. 

And if you don’t have buttons and couldn’t be bothered to get some, you can always use your thumb to make some cute fingerprint robins and a little reindeer family. 

I roped in one of the boys and his hand to make the snowman card. 

Even if you don’t have poster paints at home, face paint will do.

Christmas tree credit:
Crepe Rudolph inspired
Button Rudolph:
Fingerprints inspired by


  1. Gwen, I love these. You did a great job. Will definitely be following in your robin/reindeer family footsteps,

    1. The fingerprint ones are the best. Really easy and quick. And little yellow chicks for Easter cards too. Thinking ahead!

  2. I have vast supplies of buttons too... jars of them. Just brilliant for... anything really! And oh yes to your robins, they are beyond cute. You will have to do a tutorial???