Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas Day. How Did You Spend Yours?

  1. Christmas Eve.  Got my Santa on.  Great fun.  Unpacked Henry the hoover and discovered I was short a set of batteries.  After all my warnings.
  2. Ignored Mister Husband’s advice about leaving something small at the foot of their bed.
  3. Off to bed.  Funny smell.  Fling back covers to discover dog had peed all over the duvet.  Twice.   Put cover in the wash and duvet outside for the bin.
  4. 2am. Woken by screams of delight.  “Look what I found!”  “Look what Santy left me!”
  5. Almost cried.  Maybe did a little bit.
  6. Didn’t care that it was officially Christmas day.  Unearthed my bah humbug face, issued mild threats and packed them all back into their beds.
  7. 7am.  Now it’s Christmas day.
  8. Lots of pictures.  Lots of presents.  Lots of joy.
  9. Went for a run.  Had the whole world to myself on a gorgeous, frosty, crispy Christmas morning.
  10. Shower.  Dressed.  Poached eggs for breakfast.
  11. Messed about with the kids and admired (again) what Santy brought them.
  12. Dinner.  Wine.  Leg of lamb.  “Pink meat” for the boys (ham). More wine.  Viennetta and sherry trifle.
  13. Helped with Lego and a Trash Pack Science kit.
  14. Box of chocolates in front of lots of The Big Bang Theory. 
  15. Watched Tangled curled up with Lovely Liam and Smallest Boy.
  16. Day almost over now.  Time for a G&T I think.  
Christmas Day.  How did you spend yours?


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